Mighty Yolk Hero Egg Separator

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Product Description

Suction Device to Extract Egg Yolks Intact

Some recipes call for just the egg whites, or you may want to isolate or remove the yolk for health or other reasons, but it can take a deft touch or be a messy job to do that manually. This bulbous suction device makes it comically easy, and you can just pop it in the dishwasher after.

Suggested Usage:

If you do it gently, you can 'air lift' yolks completely out of one dish and into another completely intact with the help of The Mighty Yolk Hero from Talisman Designs. You can even extract and hold up to three at once, and then deliver them safely all in one go.

This highly fun-ctional tool is made of FDA-approved food-safe silicone, which is dishwasher safe and has been fashioned a comical face to look like a friendly one-eyed monster.

To use, just crack the egg(s) into a bowl as if you were going to make an omelet; position this device above it; squeeze it, before making contact, to expel the air from it, and keep it squeezed; gently touch the surface of the target yolk with the bottom of the bulb, and ease your grip on its sides, so it will suck up the yolk; then position the bulb over another bowl or receptacle to push it out.

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