Georgie Cookie - Chocolate Chip 12 pack

Georgie Cookie - Chocolate Chip 12 pack

Marcis Bakery

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Product Description

The Georgie Cookie is created for and dedicated to Georgia, Marci's precious grand baby, diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called Lesch-Nyhan's Disease.

Georgia is 1 in only 12 girls diagnosed world wide.

Our other purpose for this cookie, is to bless you with a super yummy and healthy cookie that will make you feel good.

You'll feel good for 3 reasons:

1. It tastes soooo dang good!

2. Its super good for you!

3. You're doing good, because every cookie you purchase goes towards finding a cure for this rare disease that severely effects the sweet little ones neurologically, & behaviorally.

Georgie and I thank you.

Love Marci  

To learn more:,biting%20and%2For%20head%20banging.



Organic bananas, oats, sunflower butter, chocolate chips, flax meal, cranberries

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