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"18” Stainless Steel Italian Curb chain included.
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Silver Mermaids Crest Necklace Pendant – Seafarers – Sea - Balance- I have fought and conquered Antique Wax Seal Jewelry Charm Fascinations 103

Handcrafted using the impression of a Middle Ages French Wax Seal. The Mermaid represents Independence, Playfulness, Feminine Energy, Wisdom, Transformation, Balance, and luck. A pendant that symbolizes a life of meaning for all and how we display our traits.

What Does A Mermaid Symbolize?
1. Independence: Mermaids are believed to be headstrong and cherish the freedom of the sea and refuse to be caged by anyone. Many tales depict mermaids rebelling against their own and following their hearts. A great character trait for all of us to have. Let your loved one know their strength through the symbolism of this pendant.

2. Playfulness: mischievous. For one to fall in love and enjoy their youth in the blissful wild waters of the sea. Playful Spirits.

3. Feminine Energy: Strength - This notion is believed to be influenced by Greek mythology goddess Venus, the goddess of love and the ruler of the sea Amphitrite.

4. Good Luck: While in many cultures, mermaids are believed to bless humans with fortune and good luck, many see mermaids as seductresses who tempt sailors off their course.

5. Wisdom And Insight: Represents a kind heart and intentions.

6. Transformation And Renewal: Their association with water can be used as the basis to symbolize mermaids as a sign of rebirth and renewal. Water is essential for life and development and is therefore symbolized for revitalization and nourishment."

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