CoLabourNation Freelancing - 3 Month Subscription Membership

CoLabourNation Freelancing - 3 Month Subscription Membership


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Product Description

3-Month Freelance Community Membership

Join CoLabourNation to multiply your impact and income by collaborating with other Canadian freelance marketing and communication professionals. Get introduced to clients. Give and receive referrals. Collaborate on client projects. Learn and grow your business during mastermind sessions, workshops with experts, and member meet-ups. Members include writers, designers, developers, digital marketers, photographers, virtual assistants, social media content creators etc. Find out more

There is a Better Way to Succeed at Freelancing!

To build a successful freelance business, you must reliably delight clients with great results.

Happy clients mean repeat work and glowing testimonials that attract new projects.

4 Steps to Collaborate for Freelance Success

  1. Discover your highest-value services — what you’re passionate about that produces amazing results and clients will pay for.

  2. Get organized with efficient business systems to deliver on your promises and be easy to work with.

  3. Give and receive referrals. Refer projects outside your skillset to talented freelance colleagues. Receive referrals in your areas of strength.

  4. Combine your top skills with other freelance professionals to provide complete solutions.

How it Works

The Solo Way

Imagine you’re a freelancer whose highest-value service is writing compelling content.

A client asks you to create a website. You know you can write persuasive web copy. To earn more money, you could cobble together a website on WordPress.

The Collabourative Way

Or you can subcontract to an expert web developer and focus on writing the content. Your combined skills will produce recommendation-worthy results. Bill your client for project management plus your writing services and add a percentage to your subcontractor's fee. Also, build goodwill with the developer so they hire you to write content for their next project!

The Benefits of Belonging

In the CoLaborNation subscriber community (the Trusted Tribe), take your business to the next level with member meet-ups, mastermind sessions, and tools to help you collaborate.

With other growth-minded freelancers in the Trusted Tribe:

  • Discuss challenges and set goals

  • Collaborate on projects

  • Trade services

  • Give and receive referrals

  • Get introduced to clients

At the equivalent of $27 CAD/month, if the Tribe helps you get one more project or work one more billable hour per month, it's more than worth it! 

Join the adventure!

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