Couple Rings Lovers Stainless Steel

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"Price is for a pair of rings

Sizes Available 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13

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Couple Rings Lovers Stainless Steel/Gold Color with Cubic Zirconia, Friendship, Promise, Engagement, Wedding, Rings

Band Width is 6mm

The subtle details of these shimmering dual colored bands. Crafted in Stainless Steel, insinuated by the dual gold and silver colors. The ladies band features 4 Cubic Zirconia pieces centered along and diagonally positioned across the dual colored strips. His band positions the dual colors on a diagonal slate. A bright polished shine, these bands are just the style to make you the center of attention in any room!

Couple Ring Set with ambience and character. The smoothly captivating sleek finish and modern minimalistic design makes it a highly desirable item and completes any style. Be ready to be the center of attention when wearing that beautiful band.

Adding new jewelry to your wardrobe—even if you’re just wearing sweats and a T-shirt most days—is a great way to freshen up your look and bring some glam back into your life. And it doesn’t have to be a major expense.

High-quality pieces that you will wear for decades. The perfect gift for that special person or yourself.

Lead, Nickel, Cadmium free.
Your rings are Stainless steel with Ion Plating.

*** What is IP Plating (Ion plating) ?

The process used for Gold products is IP Plating (Ion plating). This set is Stainless Steel and the outside has a layer of titanium oxide, which can be used as a gold pigment and has the same non allergenic properties as stainless steel. The process turns the titanium oxide into electric ions which becomes a harder and more durable coating with a higher brightness than that produced through traditional plating methods.

Your rings are Stainless steel and Polished to last many years.

This Stainless Steel Ring's domed edge gives it a very comfortable fit.

What is Stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a metal compound of iron, carbon, and chromium. Stainless steel can be used for many different applications such as surgical and medical tools, aerospace applications, and architecture. But it’s also used to make jewelry and because the metal is corrosion and heat-resistant, it can make a great addition to your jewelry box. The jewelry is harder to scratch and can withstand the sun, the sand, and the sea. It really takes the stress away from remembering to take off your jewelry in the shower!

Stainless steel was originally used for necklaces and earrings, used especially on ears that were freshly pierced. This is due to the extremely low rate of allergic reactions to the metal despite the steel still containing nickel. Now couples are finding themselves wanting wedding bands in the same material!

How do I look after my Stainless Steel Ring?

It is corrosion-free, tarnish-free, and scratch-free.
Stainless steel rings are incredibly durable, making them perfect for everlasting wedding bands.
They don’t require much maintenance and are really easy to clean- just use warm water and soap!
Stainless Steel rings do not require rhodium plating. Rhodium is a hard metal that increases the scratch resistance of a jewelry item but stainless steel is stronger and therefore does not need it.

Are Stainless Steel Ring Comfortable?

It is a light metal, so it is easy and comfortable to wear on the finger.
The metal is best known for being hypoallergenic, so it’s great even for the most sensitive skin.

When cleaning there is no need to use chemicals. You can simply wash your rings in some water or the shower and dry thoroughly with a cotton cloth.

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