Early Spring (8 x 8)

Early Spring (8 x 8)

Callie Archer Art

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Acrylic on Canvas

Callie Archer Biography
Flower doodling featured prominently in my school notes when I was young. Camping, hiking and gardening developed my love of nature.

After 30 years in human rights and employment equity work, I wanted to paint in oil as my father had.

I started in 2001 with watercolours, but then, in 2002, tried oils and acrylics – and loved it.

Colour and rhythm captivated and enthralled me. Cathy Gibbons helped me to develop my abstracted impressionist style in Dundas Valley. Meanwhile, I was painting as I travelled the world and saw art wherever we went.

Exhibiting for 10 years at Sunrise Gallery was a valuable discipline. Painting in Tuscany and Southern France helped me to appreciate the different light. In Mexico I started to paint every day and saw my paintings become looser.

In 2006 I exhibited in Toronto for the first time. I joined Burlington Fine Arts, HAI and WAAH and found it valuable to learn and exhibit with other local painters. I started to show; other galleries showed my work. I exhibited and sold overseas. In Haliburton I explored various styles of landscape painting but found encaustic my favourite for achieving my passion for colour and texture.

Humble Pie, Dundas Museum, Media 3 and the Pearl and Hamilton Artists Inc. have displayed my art. Giving art to further causes that I believe in is satisfying.

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