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Product Description

Info: Model S-850 Travel Sleep Sound Therapy System

This sound therapy device is packed with features to make it an ideal travel companion to help you keep both well-rested and on-schedule while away, and can be used regularly at home, as well.

Product Notes:
The Sound Oasis Travel Sleep Sound Therapy System comes programmed with 18 different sounds to help you or your loved ones relax and get to sleep, including both natural ones such as ocean surf, and some man-made ones which some people find soothing, such as fan noise, or the sound of distant trains, and a calming hybrid one designed to help people better adapt to jet lag.
Features and Components: 
The backlit clock and alarm features in the Sound Oasis Travel Sleep Sound Therapy System are made with travellers in mind, including the ability to show both your home and current times simultaneously (for communicating with home), and being able to record your own wake-up messages or reminder memos.Travel Pouch for Model S-850 The full package includes the sleep sound therapy unit itself with built-in speaker, clock and display screen, control buttons, headphone/ external speaker jack, volume knob, and preprogrammed sounds (named at left); a travel pouch to encase unit (shown here); a wallet-sized map of time zones; and a global power adapter. It can also be run on 4 "AA" batteries, if you forget the adapter or want to use it while camping. The unit is the size of a 1970's transistor radio: 5.4" wide x 3" high and 1.3" deep.

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