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"8mm Gold and Silver Plated Beveled Edge Brushed Matte Polished Tungsten Carbide Flat Ring
Perfect for Anniversary, Engagement, Gift, Party, Friendship, & Wedding bands for Woman or Man.

The Meteorite designed is a replica and not made of the actual stone.

***** This sale is for one ring *****

This ring is set with ambience and character. The smoothly captivating sleek finish and modern minimalistic design makes it a highly desirable item and completes any style. Be ready to be the center of attention when wearing that beautiful band.

Adding new jewelry to your wardrobe—even if you’re just wearing sweats and a T-shirt most days—is a great way to freshen up your look and bring some glam back into your life. And it doesn’t have to be a major expense.

High-quality pieces that you will wear for decades. The perfect gift for that special person or yourself.

What Is a Tungsten Carbide Ring?
You may be wondering “what exactly are Tungsten Carbide Rings?”. Tungsten Carbide rings are made from chemical compound tungsten and carbon atoms. Before a tungsten ring is made it begins in a powder form and then is pressed together to form the desired shape. Tungsten rings have became a popular ring of choice because of the hardness. It is much harder than solid gold and silver rings. It also is 10 times less likely to scratch than any other ring.

Why is Tungsten Carbide the best for rings and Wedding Bands:

In jewelry production Tungsten Carbide wedding bands have many advantages over traditional metals. Tungsten as a raw element has a strength that is only surpassed by diamonds.
Gold, platinum, and silver while beautiful in their own right just can't withstand the day to day wear in the same way that a Tungsten Carbide ring will.
In terms of durability Tungsten Carbide rings are top notch. Tungsten Carbide is roughly 10 times stronger than gold and 4 times stronger than titanium. Tungsten Carbide rings, will not bend out of round ever.
Tungsten carbide will not scratch or fade under normal wear.
These rings are hypoallergenic. People with allergies to gold jewelry can wear Tungsten jewelry.

One of the greatest appeals to Tungsten Carbide is its ability to hold a shine. The finish on Tungsten Carbide rings will not dull or fade over time.
Tungsten Carbide bands have a domed comfort fit finish. They will sit better on your finger for long term wear.
Tungsten Carbide is the top selling metal for rings and wedding bands today

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can Tungsten Rings Scratch?

A: Tungsten Carbide rings can be scratched but it is very unlikely. The chances of someone ever scratching a Tungsten Carbide rings are very slim which is why most jewelers will say they are scratch proof.

Q: Will Tungsten Carbide rings turn my finger green?

A; No. These ring will not turn your finger green.

Q: How do I clean my Tungsten Carbide ring?

A: Tungsten Carbide rings are among the wedding rings that require the least maintenance to keep it shiny like new. Most people who wear a Tungsten Carbide ring do not even need to have their rings cleaned regularly. However, it is a good idea to clean your ring thoroughly once in a while just in case it was in contact with some harsh chemical without you knowing. Cleaning could also remove grease or lotion that stick on the surface of the ring. In most cases, a warm solution created from household soap is sufficient to do the job.

Your Tungsten Carbide ring will last forever, not by cleaning regularly, but by understanding their chemical properties and knowing what NOT to do. The most important care you can give your Tungsten Carbide ring is to avoid contact with harsh chemicals in the household. Chemicals that will reaction with the composition of Tungsten Carbide include chlorine and ammonia. A common household item that contains chlorine is bleach. Ammonia is commonly found in stove and oven cleaners and drain openers. Keep your Tungsten Carbide ring away from these chemicals and wash them immediately with tap water if it has been exposed to them.

Q: What if I don’t know my ring size?

A: The easiest and best way to get your finger sized is to visit the Jewelry Department at your local Walmart Store.

Or, you can measure the inside diameter in millimeters of a ring that fits you, then use the diagram in the attached picture to see your size.

Q: Can my ring be resized?

A: No a Tungsten Carbide ring cannot be resized

Q: What if I ordered the wrong size and my ring does not fit?

A: You can return the ring for exchange.

Q: Are Tungsten Carbide rings indestructible?

A: Tungsten’s hardness is what makes it so resistant to scratching. That same level of hardness also means that it won’t bend, but it will break or crack if enough force is applied.

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