V Belt - Profile B - (2 ft)

V Belt - Profile B - (2 ft)


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Product Description

Item Link V-Belt
V-Belt Section B, 5L
Number of Ribs 1
Top Width 5/8"
Material Composite Polyurethane/Polyester
Temp. Range-40 Degrees - 240 Degrees F
For Use With Multiple Belt Systems
V-Belt Type Link V-Belt
Industry Number5910001060
Construction Composite Polyurethane/Polyester ResistsOil, Water and Chemical
Fenner Drives® premium PowerTwist® link v-belt is a long-lasting, permanent upgrade for v-belt drives. Easy fit-and-forget installation doesn't require you to dismantle the drive, and there's no need to re-tension. And it offers reduced drive vibration. The belt assembles to any length so you need not stock multiple belt sizes. Its composite polyurethane/polyester material provides superior resistance to oil, water, and chemicals.
Widely used in industry, these belts are not bothered by oil and heat. They also transmit more power and are far less subject to stretching than solid woven belts (regular V-belts). But where they make the most difference is in the elimination of vibration. All vibration is absorbed in the belt linkage, substantially quieting a table saw or lathe. Tests show durability is up to 15 times that of solid woven belts.

The individual belt sections also accommodate any pulley misalignment without twisting. The interlock construction makes it easy to size belts accurately.

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