40 Foot Movie Screen

Twilite Music

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Great for Community Events, Business Venues, Family Gatherings/Parties/Outdoor Gatherings & Customer Appreciation Movie Events: (used only 6 X).  Material: Rubber heavy duty. Two 1.5 HP motors/fans included. Made in 2017 by Bouncing Angels. Power not included. Weight = 750 lbs. Outside circumference 45 feet length X 25 ft depth X 35 ft height. Base is part of the screen. 10 ft high base. Takes ave. 45 mins w/4 ppl to set up. Screen starts at min 10 ft. Operational temperatures max 40 degrees celsius & - 20 celsius. Can be transported by sm. garden trailer or back of a pick up (need 4 ft wide - rolls up) Can be generator operated or electric. (min need 110 Volts - 10 amps). V

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