Photoflex StarFire Digital Shoe Mount Slave Flash


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Product Description

The Photoflex AC-Starfire is a portable, battery powered, shoe mount slave flash that can be used alone or with other flash units. The built in optical slave means that it will fire automatically when another flash is triggered. Ideal when a built in or camera mount flash isn't enough or to add contrast, remove shadows, blow out a background etc. UPC# 799245015022

*ShoeMount Flash
*Portable, Variable Power
*Fully Manual Operation
*Powered by 4 AA Batteries

The StarFire can be used at full power with a four second recycle time, or it can be powered down to a variety of settings for faster recycling
Features Include:
*Power output similar to a Canon 580EXII or Nikon SB900
*Fully manual operation with 6 different power settings
*Optical Slave Mode S1 which fires on the first flash
*Optical Slave Mode S2 which will ignore a preflash

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