Book - More Money, More Power?

Book - More Money, More Power?

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More Money, More Power? Uncover Your Unique Money Design to Discover the Key to Your Innate Power and Wealth

More Money, More Power? is a guide to shift the role money plays in your life so you can reclaim your innate power and create sustainable wealth. The book and accompanying e-course will lead you on an inner journey through which you discover the power to choose how your relationship to money will unfold. When thinking about your bank account balance, your income, or even your debt balance, what does that number mean about you? Does it equate to your self-worth—your value? What you bring to the table in your family or other relationships? The answers and feelings that arise when exploring these questions give you a doorway into your internal world. When exploring the role money plays in determining your worthiness or value, you discover the power in your unique Money Design. Wherein lies the fallacy that money is directly tied to power. Breaking down this belief leads you to the knowledge that the power needed to fulfill your vision and achieve your dreams lies within you—not within the money you’re attempting to accumulate. Are you ready to drop the disempowering stories about money and shift your Money Design to lead you into a life of unlimited resources and inner fulfillment?

Written by Darcie Elizabeth.

Darcie Elizabeth is an energetic business consultant, international best-selling author, speaker, and CPA (inactive) committed to changing the way the world moves forward with money. She guides and teaches business owners, visionaries, and way-showers to discover their key to attracting more and manifesting with ease through deconstructing their relationship to money. Diving in with the lens of your unique Money Design, a term used to encompass the subconscious reality dictating why you do what you do with money, you can attract the resources needed to see your goals and vision through to reality. With over a decade of experience in the financial industry and as a trained energy practitioner, she's equipped to support holistically, the above and below the surface aspects of money. Darcie works with clients on a one-on-one basis and within group settings, virtually. She also inspires and educates groups as a speaker and workshop facilitator all to support her mission: to help shift the way the world interacts and engages with money into an empowered state for all.

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