Fully Integrated Wine Cabinet 1.7 Cu Ft Black 

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Fully Integrated Wine Cabinet NOT freestanding

1.7 Cubic Feet

Glossy Black

German Engineering: Our superior products offer
premium quality, cutting edge design and innovative
features that fi t your busy lifestyle. Exclusive
components and materials, along with the latest
production processes, ensure energy efficiency and
performance for years to come.
SoftSystem: The SoftSystem gentle-closing
mechanism cushions movement as the door is
shut to ensure extremely gentle closing,
preventing vibration, which affects the quality of
the wine.
LED Lighting: Dimmable LED lighting, which evenly
illuminates the interior and can be left on
permanently if desired. Because LEDs generate
minimal heat, wines can be illuminated and
beautifully presented for long term storage.
Precision Electronics: The precise electronic
controls have a digital temperature display and are
easy to use, via either a touch screen interface or
electronic keys depending on the model.
Beech wood Shelving: Solid beech wood
shelves on telescopic rails for easy wine access.
FreshAir Activated Charcoal Filter: Liebherr
wine cabinets are fitted with easy-to-replace
FreshAir activated charcoal filters to ensure
clean air. Odors are filtered out and the quality
of the wine is protected.
TipOpen technology: When the glass door is
gently tapped, TipOpen technology partially opens
the unit, facilitating further opening. If the door is
not opened fully within three seconds, the door will
self-close, ensuring that the ideal air humidity does
not escape from the cabinet.
UV Protection: In order to minimize the
exposure of light which can damage the maturity
of a wine, Liebherr wine cabinets are fitted with
special UV-resistant insulated glass;
simultaneously protecting and presenting your
Alarm System: Liebherr Wine units are
equipped with a trustworthy alarm system to
alert the homeowner if the door has been left
open or the temperature has been compromised.

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