Gas Mask - GRS

Gas Mask - GRS

Newcon Optik

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Gas Mask 

**Note: expired filter**

Filter type: NBC Filter

About Newcon Optik

Newcon Optik is a world leader in the design and manufacture of image-intensified night vision, thermal imaging systems, laser rangefinders and other professional-grade tactical optics. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Newcon Optik has been researching, designing, manufacturing and supplying high-quality electro-optical products to military and law enforcement professionals since 1992. With a dealer network spanning six continents, our unique made-in-Canada solutions are currently in use in over 70 countries.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers and partners to offer not only off-the-shelf solutions, but to provide custom design expertise when required. Regardless of the project size, Newcon Optik consistently produces technologically-advanced products that fill the needs of our military, law enforcement and search & rescue professional users around the globe.

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