Single Coaching Compass Card

Single Coaching Compass Card

Hero Intelligence Teacher Tammy Vallieres

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A single Compass Card Session
The Compass Card 4 Life process is your First Step to discovering your Way and Why.

What is a Compass Card? A Compass Card is a metaphorical navigational tool used for various purposes, primarily for personal or professional alignment. It provides a structured approach to defining one's path and purpose to living a fulfilling life.

The Compass Card simplifies complex concepts related to alignment, making it easy to understand at a glance and talk about with ease and confidence. It serves as a valuable tool for individuals or groups looking to stay on course and achieve their goals while maintaining clarity and direction in their personal or organizational journeys.

About Tammy: I am a Transformational Teacher, Coach, Author, Mentor, Consultant and Speaker who unlocks the potential within leaders, teachers, parents, and students. I provide tips and tools to help individuals and groups align with their purpose, passion and geniuses. 22 Years Teaching Experience with the BHNCDSB, including: 

What people are saying about this experience:

Testimonial Dr. Alan Lance Box GeniusU Educator 

Tammy is a genius in her field. She brings out the inner hero in the young people that she works with and transforms their lives through valuing their contribution to life. Tammy is a prolific creator and magically condenses a person's life work and value into a single card that can be used to pinpoint their life's mission - an illustrated mission statement in one page. You could not find another person more full of energy than Tammy. She is bubbly, with a sense of joy and fun that is contagious. Welcome to the world of Tammy Vallieres.

Mimi Griffard Peak - Head Trainer for Tony Robbins for 25 years

In my first conversation with Tammy I knew she was someone I wanted to work with and learn from moving forward.  I feel so blessed that I had the opportunity to have Tammy walk me thru doing the compass card.  It helped me tap in to my power and my purpose on a level that was so magical with just some quick and simple questions.  The way she guides you through the process is so intentional and powerful. It also provided me with so much clarity.  I highly recommend every parent and child to do the compass card with Tammy to help further their growth and develop, also to become more connected and build meaningful relationship.


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