The Cathedral (Unframed)

The Cathedral (Unframed)

Kathryn smith

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“The Cathedral ”

Cathedral of Christ the King

Hutton and Souter– architects
Piggot Construction – builder

Built in Hamilton, Ontario during the great depression the Cathedral of Christ the King was completed in December 1933.  Although it was referred to as ‘The Basilica’ from the beginning, it is in actuality a cathedral; the word coming from the Latin ‘cathedra’ meaning the seat of the bishop or throne.  To be designated as a basilica, a church must be accorded special privileges by the Pope.  This was the first cathedral worldwide to be dedicated to Christ the King of Kings after the Solemnity of Christ the King was first inaugurated by Pope Pius XI in 1925.

The structure is built of Credit Valley limestone, quarried from Indiana and Georgetown, Ontario and soars to a height of 165 feet.  At a length of 235 feet and a width of 72 feet, it is not an extremely large cathedral, but seats 1000 parishioners.  It contains 82 stained glass windows that were hand-made in Munich, Germany and a carillon of 23 bells, weighing 64,000 pounds; the largest of these bells, the Bourdon, being donated by the Prime Minister. The fourteen Stations of the Cross were each carved out of a single piece of Cararra marble – the same marble used by Michelangelo for his ‘Pieta’.

Unlike most gothic structures this cathedral has only one tower. Due to the cost during the depression the second tower had to be abandoned as were the four burial crypts on either side of the sweeping stone steps.  The final total was $1,000,000.  On December 19th, 1933 the Cathedral of Christ the King was consecrated. This painting was done to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Cathedral. My grateful appreciation to Father Ed House for his time, help and suggestions.

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