Phantom 20 - Night Vision Goggles Scope

Phantom 20 - Night Vision Goggles Scope

Newcon Optik

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Product Description

The Phantom 2.3x42 Night Vision Monocular from Newcon Optik is designed to address any military, law enforcement or other professional user requirements to see under the darkest conditions. A waterproof, compact and affordable generation 1+ unit.

There are many different variables that effect the distance that one can see with a nightvision device, among them the object's size, the level of details being sought from the object and the conditions of observation. Nightvision devices detect much further under a full moon and clear skies than they will under a new moon and cloudy skies. Many different formulas are used to determine the statistic of maximum viewing range and this varies by manufacturer, so ultimately the generation of the intensifier tube is much more relevant than any quoted statistic when determining the maximum viewing range.

Rugged, waterproof housing that floats!
Interchangeable system accepts three optional lenses for increased magnification
Low battery indicator
Camera/video adaptable for recording imagery
±4 Dioptric correction

Intensifier Tube
1st Generation +
Maximum Viewing Range
Not specified by manufacturer
Infrared Illuminator
Angle of View
Field-of-View (@ 1000 Yds)
840' (279 m at 1000 m)
Minimum Focus Distance
3.3' (1.0 m)
Lens System
50mm f/1.2 (56mm objective lens diameter)
Power Source
One CR2 3-volt lithium battery
6.3 x 2.4 x 2.6" (160 x 60 x 65mm) WxHxD
1.17 lb (0.53 kg)
Newcon Optik Phantom 2.3x 1st Generation Plus Waterproof Night Vision Monocular
  • Camera/Video Adapter
  • Lenscap
  • Case
  • Strap
  • 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty(against manufacturer defects)
  • About Newcon Optik

    Newcon Optik is a world leader in the design and manufacture of image-intensified night vision, thermal imaging systems, laser rangefinders and other professional-grade tactical optics. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Newcon Optik has been researching, designing, manufacturing and supplying high-quality electro-optical products to military and law enforcement professionals since 1992. With a dealer network spanning six continents, our unique made-in-Canada solutions are currently in use in over 70 countries.

    We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers and partners to offer not only off-the-shelf solutions, but to provide custom design expertise when required. Regardless of the project size, Newcon Optik consistently produces technologically-advanced products that fill the needs of our military, law enforcement and search & rescue professional users around the globe.

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