Vendors that we can consolidate for shipping

It can take up to 2 weeks for us to gather multiple orders, so if anything is a rush, let us know in the order notes and we can make sure to prioritize it or cancel the order if it just won't work out.

Of course please feel free to shop at the other 100 or so vendors that list products in the online marketplace, the shipping cost will be payable to them in Canadian dollars as we cannot facilitate picking the products up.

Free Shipping / Barter Shipping

Maiga Shea - free on orders over BP100 - variety of shea, baobab and neem oil products

No Soap No Problem - accepts barter credits for shipping - Handsanitizer 

Products We Can Consolidate for Shipping:

By consolidating the orders at our warehouse & shipping them together it will reduce your shipping cost. 

In the cart notes put “Consolidate Shipping”, this will override the shipping setting in checkout.  Also, note if something is a rush.

The products need to be picked up or dropped off by the seller, the  timing in brackets is approximate, you could luck out and we have someone picking up something there the next day, or the vendor could be on vacation and we might not get it for an additional week.  

Cleaning Products

Safeworx - disinfectants, cleaners, sprayers and sanitizers (2-3 weeks)

Shineco - All purpose cleaner (2-3 weeks)


5th Season Wear - men's and ladies shirts (1 day)

Base London - Size 10 shoes (1 day)

CK Marketing - Forcefield Winter Jackets (1 day)

Copetown Woods - Men's and ladies golf wear (1 day)

K & S Clothing - Men’s and Ladies Apparel (1 day)

K & S Socks - Men’s and Ladies Socks (2 weeks)

Live Different - Husky and Workhorse Gloves and hard hats (1-3 days)

Shoetopia - Selection of boots, shoes, sandals for men and ladies (1 day)

Sockwa Socks - bamboo no show socks (1 day)

Southern Pines - ladies clothing (1-2 weeks)

Treadwell - small collection of shoes (1-2 weeks)

Vicky Harrison Designs - leggings, tops and jewellery (1 day)

Zonas - toddler & kids shoes, boots and sandals (1 day)

Food & Beverage

Andybela - teas, spreads, jams - delicious products that are great for your own consumption or to add to gift baskets. (1 week)

Fine Line - tea immersion brewer & tea chest (1-3 days)

Marci's Bakery - gluten free baking mix, and cookies. (1 week)


BIE Health Products - EmPower Plus Vitamins (1 week)

Clean Beauty House - supplements, oils, (1 week)

Consumer's Direct - Rockport ankle wraps (1-2 weeks)

Genecos - Aromatherapy Essential Oil Gift Sets (1 day)

Lily & Lacey - Headache and Migraine Relief essential oil rollers. (1 day)

Longevity Wellness - bulk thermometers, back stretchers, gloves and masks (1-2 weeks)

SMC - Essential oils and enzymes (1 day)


Ancaster Jewellers - men's rings (1 day)

Fifth Avenue Jewellery - 100% of proceeds go to supporting the local communities through BarterPay It Forward - this is beautiful fashion jewellery (1 day)

Hani Youseff - collection of ladies watches (1 week)

K & S Fashion Jewellery - Fashion Jewellery (1-2 weeks)

Swarovski Elements - Fashion jewellery (1 day)

Makeup and Beauty

Body Language - Eyenvy lash conditioner (1 week)

Charlotte Tilbury - makeup (1-2 weeks)

Clean Beauty House - Dalish, Elate & Sappho products (1 week)

Clean Kiss Lifestyle - organic deodorants & gift sets (1-2 weeks)

CND Creative Play - nail polish (1 day)

CNH Cross - Packs of Bath bombs (1 -3 days)

EMC - CBD oils, shampoo and conditioner, SoFly Nailpolishes, flat irons, hair styling scissor kits. Also, sells knife sets & cutlery. (1 day)

iSarti Luxury - Mondial Straight Blade Razors. (1-2 weeks)

Sun Magic - Tanning sprays, teeth whitening kits, moisturizers, satin pillowcases, lip gloss and scarves (2-3 weeks)

Other Products

Computer Trade In Post - wireless mice, electronics cleaner, nhl figurines, laptop locks and other miscellaneous products. (1 week)

CRU - Handmade heat therapy pads, custom printed decor and bibs. (1-2 weeks)

Falls Road - Sunglasses (1-2 weeks)

Fancy Pants - Gift boxes with style (1 week)

Fastek / FSL Distribution - variety of construction and maintenance supplies. (1-2 weeks)

Maxtech Innovations - Green Strike Mosquito Preventer, small tool sets (2-3 weeks)

Newcon Optik - monoculars, binoculars and gas masks (1 day)

PJ Distribution - Apple Watch Charge Box and Bands - wide variety of other watchbands (1 day)

RT Liquidation - Targus & Insignia Best Buy Returns - all inspected and in working order. (original packaging isn't always in great shape) (1-2 weeks)

SPS Smartphone Accessories - Selfie Sticks and clip lens (1 day)

Tanshaw - N95 masks, surgical masks, and nitrile gloves (1-2 weeks)

TB Promo - purple boxing gloves (1 day)

The Creative Workshop - beautiful handcrafted wood products (1 day)

Think Sound - High end earphones. (1-2 weeks)

Unique Vision - Sunglasses (1 day)