4Fun Wacky Race Set

4Fun Wacky Race Set

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Families and friends will go head-to-head and create their own wacky race with six different obstacles! The Wacky Race Set was designed to entertain family members of all ages with a range of obstacles that involve jumping, spinning, crawling, balancing balls, and even pouring water from one helmet to another!

Laughing is mandatory as you watch parents, grandparents, kids, uncles and aunts try to maneuver these wacky obstacles and race to win. The obstacles include:

  • Hop sack race – player steps inside a hop sack and jumps towards the next obstacle
  • Nose Nudge – player crawls on the ground using their nose to nudge an inflatable ball forward towards the next obstacle
  • Water Transfer Helmet – 2 teammates wear helmets with cups on top; one player fills the cup on top of their helmet with water and runs toward their teammate to pour the water into the cup on top of their helmet
  • 3 Legged Race – 2 teammates lock legs using an adjustable elastic band to race together to the next obstacle
  • Wizzy Dizzy – Player places their forehead on a wooden dowel stake in the ground to spin 5 times and then run towards the next obstacle
  • Knee Walkers – Player walks as fast as possible holding a stick in place between their knees
  • Optional obstacle: Player balances an inflatable ball on 2 wooden dowels as they run towards the next obstacle

This fun and entertaining lawn game will keep the whole family laughing all afternoon long!

Once the fun is over, all obstacles can be placed inside a hop sack to store away as needed.

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