VoxxBELLA Womens Thin Insole - Wardrobe Three-Pack

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Product Description

Wow! Check out this Wardrobe 3-pack.
Designed to fit almost any flat shoe or loafer, Bella thin insoles offer the perfect combination of improved stability, pain relief and all-day energy.
Three different fashion-forward styles in each pack: Brown, Baroque and Cheetah


With proprietary Voxx HPT neuro-activation patterns build into every Bella thin insole, you’ll find your new level of wellness and quality of life.
Voxx HPT is independently tested and proven to increase stability, energy and help with pain relief.


Fits most shoes. Using your old insole as a template, match the toes to each other and trace the top of the old insole on to the Bella thin insole.
Trim along this line

100% EVA insole with cotton blend liner.

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