Bioscal Conditioner — 1L

Bioscal Conditioner — 1L

Original Bioscal

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Product Description

About Original Bioscal® Hair Conditioner

Original Bioscal® Hair Conditioner was developed specifically for thinning hair and to complement and support the Original Bioscal® hair treatment system.

The term 'conditioner' is generally not well defined and covers many different products that are used for diverse purposes. The choice of conditioner is therefore critical, since some conditioners may in fact counteract what the user wants to accomplish. People with thinning hair or excessive hair loss need a specific kind of conditioner which is quite different from conditioners that are optimized for people with thick hair or any other hair property.

Original Bioscal® Hair Conditioner is a pH adjusted conditioning rinse that, unlike most other conditioners, does not leave a heavy build up. It restores and maintains elasticity to hair, moisturizes hair and scalp while supporting the restoration of vigorous hair growth.

This light-weight, conditioning and hydrating formula softens hair while it penetrates dry or damaged strands to strengthen and make the hair more resilient. It rinses clean and leaves the hair silky and healthy-looking.

How to use Original Bioscal® Hair Conditioner

After shampooing with Original Bioscal® Hair Shampoo, rinse well and apply generously to wet hair. Leave in for one minute or longer, if desired, and rinse thoroughly.

For best results in treatment and prevention of hair loss, it is recommended that Original Bioscal® Hair conditioner is used in conjunction with Original Bioscal® hair care products such as Original Bioscal® Hair & Scalp Revitalizer and Shampoo.


If the hair loss is connected with any scalp disorder, medical treatment or any other illnesses, it is absolutely necessary to consult your doctor.

For external use only

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