Bioscal Hair Rescue Kit

Original Bioscal

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Product Description

About Original Bioscal® Hair and Scalp Therapy Kit

The Original Bioscal® Hair and Scalp Therapy Kit provides complete and effective treatment for the hair and scalp for up to two full months and contains one bottle each of:

Original Bioscal® Hair Energy Concentrate, the concentrated treatment solution
Original Bioscal® Hair & Scalp Revitalizer, for growth and strength
Original Bioscal® Hair & Scalp Shampoo of your choice, enhances healthy hair growth
Original Bioscal® Hair Conditioner, for elasticity and support (or 2 shampoos if you do not use conditioner)
For further information about the products, please see entries for each individual product.

How to use Original Bioscal® Hair and Scalp Therapy Kit

Use Original Bioscal® Hair Energy Concentrate each night during sleep. Warm the bottle in warm water. Apply directly to the affected areas of the scalp by using the dropper provided. Spread the concentrate over the affected areas with your fingertips. Leave in over night.

Use Original Bioscal® Hair & Scalp Revitalizer daily in the morning or after hair wash. Spray on to the hair and scalp. Use fingertips, gently massage the scalp in rotating movements for at least 3 minutes. Leave to air dry or use a hair dryer at cool or warm setting (not hot). Complete by combing or brushing.

Use Original Bioscal® Hair Shampoo daily or at least twice weekly. Wet hair thoroughly with warm water before applying the shampoo. Massage gently into hair and scalp, lather and rinse well with clean, warm water. Repeat the treatment, if necessary, and massage gently for one full minute before rinsing well.

Use Original Bioscal® Hair Conditioner after shampooing with Original Bioscal® Hair Shampoo. Apply generously to wet hair. Leave in for one minute or longer, if desired, and rinse thoroughly.

Please remember that the prospect of success is dependent on the regular daily and consistent use of Original Bioscal® products over a period of at least 6 months, which will allow for deep-pore cleansing of the follicles and allow re-growth of the new hair strands.

For more detailed information, please see individual products.


If the hair loss is connected with any scalp disorder, medical treatment or any other illnesses, it is absolutely necessary to consult your doctor.

For external use only.

Volume per bottle

Original Bioscal® Hair Energy Concentrate: 1.7 fl oz / 60 ml
Original Bioscal® Hair & Scalp Revitalizer: 8.5 fl oz / 250 ml
Original Bioscal® Hair Shampoo: 8.5 fl oz / 250 ml
Original Bioscal® Hair Conditioner: 8.5 fl oz / 250 ml

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