Bioscal Normal Shampoo—500ml

Bioscal Normal Shampoo—500ml

Original Bioscal

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Product Description

About Original Bioscal® Hair Shampoo

Original Bioscal® Hair Shampoo is a very mild, liquid shampoo preparation that was developed by Professor Kai Setälä and Dr. Ilona Schreck-Purola specifically to increase the efficiency of Original Bioscal® Hair & Scalp Revitalizer.

Original Bioscal® Hair Shampoo contains substances which promotes healthy hair growth through deep pore cleansing, which is enhanced by increased cell activity in the epidermis.

Original Bioscal® Hair Shampoo, unlike other shampoos, is hypoallergenic and skin-balanced. It does not disturb the biological and physiological balance of the scalp and leaves the scalp at a normal pH level. It is a highly effective deep-pore cleanser and contains emollients which in principle are related to those produced by the scalp itself.

These scalp-produced emollients, which soften and protect the scalp and hair are normally lost during shampooing. Original Bioscal® Hair Shampoo returns these emollients to the scalp and hair and thus promotes normal epidermal cell activity, thereby aiding healthy and normal hair-growth.

Original Bioscal® Hair Shampoo is not a common shampoo, but a pure liquid cleanser completely free of colouring and other extraneous additives.

While all shampoos do clean the hair and scalp, most other shampoos, because of their free alkali content, disturb the natural and protective pH (level of acidity) of the scalp. This can become irritating to the scalp and have a drying effect causing itching.

Furthermore, according to the latest scientific findings, cholesterol and lanolin, common additives of most shampoos, are known to inhibit cell activity in the epidermis which is vital for normal hair growth. Original Bioscal® Hair Shampoo is completey free of such substances.

How to use Original Bioscal® Hair Shampoo

Original Bioscal® Hair Shampoo may be used daily and should be used at least twice weekly.

To maximize the benefit from the application, it is recommended that Original Bioscal® Hair Shampoo is used regularly in conjunction with <!--Original Bioscal® Hair Energy Concentrate and/or --?Original Bioscal® Hair & Scalp Revitalizer.

However, Original Bioscal® Hair Shampoo may also be used alone to enhance hair growth and to establish and maintain healthy hair.

Wet hair thoroughly with warm water before applying the shampoo. Massage gently into hair and scalp, lather and rinse well with clean, warm water. Repeat the treatment, if necessary, and massage gently for one full minute before rinsing well.


If the hair loss is connected with any scalp disorder, medical treatment or any other illnesses, it is absolutely necessary to consult your doctor.

For external use only

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