Book - Being Mama

Book - Being Mama

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Being Mama: A Real Look at the Roller Coaster of Motherhood: Struggle, Strength, Passion, and Love

Being Mama embodies the ability to nurture, to control the driving force within, and being able to love forever, unconditionally. We juggle a lot at once that resembles a boulder made of glass: fragile and heavy. Emotions, job expectations, finances, relationships, health, and more. With all that comes labels and titles. We are girl, her, she, Ms., girlfriend, and we become woman, wife, widow, divorcee, bosswoman, home owner, and the big one - Mom. Being a Mama takes on many more subtitles such as: chauffeur, maid, laundromat attendee, pet sitter, moments of being your kid’s best friend and confidant but also moments of being the worst-friend-ever, ruler, boss, alarm-clock, “meanie,” costume designer, gift wrapper, personal shopper, medical caregiver, tucker-inner, protector from monsters under the bed, and so. much. more.

Being Mama: A real look at the Roller Coaster of Motherhood: Struggle, Strength, Passion, and Love is full of award-winning and Amazon best-selling authors, as well as debut authors. They share all kinds of stories about the different experiences of womanhood to motherhood. How does one embrace motherhood while still being herself? When Mama is the be-all to her little’s, how does she adapt and keep her cool with being a new mama, or being a driven mama? What can she do to set aside time for herself? When she is a strong support to many, who supports her? So Mama, it’s time to take time for YOU. Kick up your feet, tell them Mama time is important too, and find some new friends within these pages.

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