Book - Dear Time

Book - Dear Time

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**Award Winner of the Canadian Book Excellence Award 2019

Dear Time, Are You On My Side?

  • hardcover
  • workbook component with collaborative input from 19 coauthors
  • true, honest stories from women 

Dear Time, Are You On My Side?
 hybrids between social reality and spiritual reality. Why are we here? Do we have any control over what we experience? Are we the main character in OUR life? Why are we letting agism affect us, why do we take part in it? We are conditioned to set expectations about age and time, which blurs our self-worth. Utilize our Timeless Practice workbook inside to break social constraints, decide your own outcome, and take back your life!

Is it possible to live differently, on our own terms and at our own pace — be it faster or slower than others?
Who made up these rules, anyway?

We abide by time so rigidly when, in fact, it is fluid. Time is a feeling, an expression, an experience that equates to our existence.

This book features women from all walks of life, each with their own successes, trials, and shared experiences: entrepreneurs, ex-corporate hustlers, mothers, professionals, authors. What they share is a collective consciousness of time, and the meaning it holds for each of them. The majority of the population spends their time in the hustle, bustle, and demands of society. For each of our authors, though, various life experiences made them look at their time here on earth more critically and provoked the start of their purposeful journey: Why is this happening to me? What is my purpose? What is the point of all this? What am I searching for? When can I finally control my own time? What would it feel like to be my own boss? If only I could stop time, then I would ____. What would it feel like to finally live life on my terms? Would my perception of time be different then? Would I then be happy? What is happy? Who am I?

Dear Time, Are You On My Side? takes a powerful look at the spiritual and societal meanings of time and begs the question, “Are we meant for more?”

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