Book - Jared and the Sacred Emerald

Book - Jared and the Sacred Emerald

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What would happen if every little boy and girl were to embark on their own magical journey to discover the most precious gem they could find? What if, by discovering this precious gem, polishing it daily and cherishing it, they each come to know a deep love of self and worthiness? Jared and the Sacred Emerald is a fun and mystical adventure filled with wonder and delight that will have you on the edge of your seats! Join Jared and his special friends as they embark on the quest of a lifetime!

Jared’s adventure story is an engaging way to open up lines of communication with your children, to help them remember who they really are, how powerful they are, and to trust the voice inside. Encouraging exploration and independent thinking, Jared and the Sacred Emerald helps children learn about what is precious inside of themselves.

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