Acorelle Perfume Tea Garden

Acorelle Perfume Tea Garden

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Acorelle makes fine French Fragrance that's all natural without any toxins. Made with organic alcohol and natural fragrance materials. No synthetics. No phthalates. Real perfume (8% fragrance), based on aromatherapy concepts - perfume that makes you feel good. Healthy for your body and the environment, Acorelle Eau de parfum contains no phthalates, chemical fixatives or nitrated musks. They are composed of organic wheat alcohol, organic floral water and 100% natural perfume concentrate.

TEA GARDEN: A dynamic and encouraging scent to restore liveliness of mind and promote positive energies. The organic witch hazel floral water contained in this Jardin des Thés eau de parfum has purifying, toning and relieving properties and supports the main notes.

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