Bamboo Chair Mat - Cocoa Bean Finish 46" x 60" w/lip

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Product Description

These chair mats are made from bamboo, a truly self renewing resource. They have a Soft Felt Backing with infused rubber, protecting floors and carpets and keeping the mat in place. Here are some more specs:

  • 5 mm bamboo slats for carpets up to 1/4"
  • Seven protective coats of finish including scuff resistant UV protection
  • Beveled edges enables easy chair access
  • Premium non slip backing will not harm floors or rugs
  • Folds flat right out of the box
  • Bamboo is naturally anti static
  • Folds for easy portability
  • Clean easily with a damp mop or cloth
The easy glide surface is an ergonomic feature. The average person moves their chair 250 times per day. If that movement is difficult, it increases stress to the body.

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