Classical Sax & Strings Concert Tickets- STUDENT

Classical Sax & Strings Concert Tickets- STUDENT

Brantford Symphony Orchestra

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Tickets can be picked up at the Box Office (Sanderson Centre)

May 14, 2024

Long before the Saxophone became associated with jazz and wind bands, it was considered primary as an instrument along "serious" lines such as oboes or clarinets. Capable of long, deep melodies or flashy and quick virtuosity, it is a remarkably versatile instrument, fitting in easily with many musical styles and approaches. Alexander Glazunov's lavish Saxophone Concerto is one of the world's favourite pieces of "classical" saxophone writing, and we're delighted to present Wallace Halladay to perform it for you. If you can only imagine the sax as a jazz/blues instrument, you will be amazed how quickly you realize it's so much more!

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