Dalish Lipstick, Corrine Coral (L05)

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Product Description

What This Product Does:
Bold Matte Lipsticks that have been made modern and will give you a punch of colour. I take great pride in every single one of these matte long lasting lipsticks. You should be able to have meals, coffee, wine, snacks and still have a shadow. 

Moisturizing but dry in texture as they're Matte Lipsticks and will last longer then your average lipstick. 

Where To Apply It:
Directly on your lips with the tube and you can also pat it on your lips and smudge with your finger to get a more blended look.

CORRINE (LO5) - Is a very dear friend and da lish supporter from the very start. Her signature lipstick is the former LO5. Corrine is the founder of BIKO jewellery - she’s modern, stylish and has an incredible eye for design. She’s the ultimate cool girl but with a heart of coral.

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