Dalish Lipstick, Rosemary Rasberry Plum

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Product Description

What This Product Does:
Bold Matte Lipsticks that have been made modern and will give you a punch of colour. I take great pride in every single one of these matte long lasting lipsticks. You should be able to have meals, coffee, wine, snacks and still have a shadow. 

Moisturizing but dry in texture as they're Matte Lipsticks and will last longer then your average lipstick. 

Where To Apply It:
Directly on your lips with the tube and you can also pat it on your lips and smudge with your finger to get a more blended look.

ROSEMARY Created to honour my beloved Mother who passed too soon on Sept 25th, 2016. She was the back bone of da lish and my #1 fan. This shade was matched to her glasses and looks amazing on EVERYONE! It looks darker in the tube then how it goes on. Deep plum that can be made as light of dar as you please! Trust me - this shade is an absolute must. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Pancreatic Cancer Research.

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