Diva Deluxe Holiday Set

Diva Deluxe Holiday Set

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For the Diva in your life that loves natural skincare and deserves to be pampered in a big way this Holiday season. This gift set contains all the necessities for a morning and bedtime skincare ritual for healthy, glowing, natural skin.

Our 8-piece Diva Deluxe Skincare set contains: (in a beautiful holiday box)

Kiss Me Clean Facial Cleansing Oil 120ml

Keep Calm & Kiss Me Rose Chamomile Facial Tonic 60ml

Fresh Kisses Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid Serum 30ml

Kiss Me You Fool Rosehip Facial Oil Serum 30ml

Kiss Me Everyday Mango + Red Raspberry Seed Daycream 58g

Kiss Me Goodnight Avocado Butter Nightcream 58g

Sweet + Salty Kisses Himalayan Sea Salt + Sugar Face + Body Scrub 100g

Pure Kisses Detox Clay Face Mask 100g

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