Great Wall Table Cloth and Runners

Eastern Sunrise Lace and Linens Inc

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An amazing accomplishment in design as well as expert embroidery, the Great Wall is unique and unrivaled. It is nicknamed Great Wall because of the border edge, resembling the incredible structure that is visible from space. Almost every inch is filled with meticulous and expert embroidery. Many high skilled embroidery techniques are executed to perfection. Indeed, the hand work is so perfect and so intense that there is little difference between the front side and the back side.


• 100% Pure Linen fabric, imported from Ireland.
• Warm White colour.
• Hand stitched and hand embroidered.
• Oblong size : 66”×104″ for tablecloth
• Oblong size : 12”x33” for runner.
• Measurements are approximate solely for identification.
• Precise measurements can be available upon request.
• Dry clean.

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