GREENSTRIKE mosquito preventer - Refill Kit

GREENSTRIKE mosquito preventer - Refill Kit

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  • Zero Hatch Technology - System targets the mosquito Eggs. Patented System and Mosquito attractant - system creates an Artificial pond for the mosquito to lay their eggs Every 4th day Cycle the water from upper (breeding zone) to the bottom reservoir then pump the water back to breeding zone . This is not an instant gratification, but a long term solution for mosquito prevention. Do not use chlorinated water.
  • For Best Results - Use Only - distilled, rain or well water. Set up Instruction - 1. Open latches located in middle of the unit. 2. Separate upper breeding zone and bottom reservoir. 3 Place mosquito attractant into bottom reservoir and add water up to the fill mark on the viewing window 4. Put the breeding zone and reservoir back - attach the latches. 5. Pump the water from bottom reservoir to breeding zone using manual pump. 6. Repeat the cycle twice 

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