Handcrafted Victorian Lace Napkins - Set of 4

Handcrafted Victorian Lace Napkins - Set of 4

Eastern Sunrise Lace and Linens Inc

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Attention all event planners & hotels etc

Stunning detailed handcrafted Victorian Lace Napkins for special events. European tradition in accordance with heirloom lace making. The allure of lace when viewed up close needs no flowery description. Expert Lace makers can create romance without much ado. Consider this investment can endure heavy laundering for minimum 100 times and more. That is, approximately 6 cents (or less) per rental investment. Observe the fine finishing touch of  lace trimmed edgings with miltred corners. Quality is Elegance!


  • Dinner size : 18″ square
  • Choose crisp white colour.   
  • Made from 100% pure premium quality cotton Long Stem fibre.
  • Sold by 1 set of 4 or by dozen.
  • A half inch lace binding trim
  • Victorian lace corner measures 7″ complete with brides & rosettes.
  • NO dryer.


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