Healthy Craving Vending Machines

N2Y Liquidations

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Lightly used for 2 months max, and then stored for 2 years in a storage container.

Health-conscious consumers and workplaces are demanding healthier snack options. Are you ready to capitalize on the healthy snack craze that is happening all across Canada?

* All mechanical, no electricity, can be placed anywhere
* Large capacity saves time in servicing. Accepts new loonie coins
* Patented gasket system keeps products always fresh
* Multiple products increases income at each location
* Just 18 inches in floor space eliminates clutter
* Location owners love our compact design
* Controls profits and portions with 10 adjustment settings
* Coin mechanisms are made from super strong M-90 Ceclon Delrin
* Coin mechanisms never rust, peel, corrode, jam or crack in cold weather
* Accepts nickels, dimes, and quarters without jamming or dispensing product

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