Heirloom Custom Family Art Piece- 14"

Heirloom Custom Family Art Piece- 14"

Artage Portraits

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Purchaser must contact Artage Portraits (by the end of 2023) for a mutually agreed upon date and time. The actual sitting can be in 2024

You will then go into the studio where a 30 minute (approximate) photography session will occur from there, you will be escorted to the selection room where all of the images will be ready for selection
Pick your favorite one and make suggestions for editing if necessary.
The final selection will be hand-painted onto a 20” x 16” piece of canvas with lavish hand artistry. Framing is not included
Please expect 4-5 months to complete

You will get a personal portrait session at Artage Portraits located in Mississauga. Your portrait may be of the family (up to 16 members max) or an individual, but sorry, no pets.
The package includes a portrait session – this involves the family arriving dressed formally- WHY?? As a specialty studio, our background and lighting are precisely designed to render your portrait as an exquisite piece of art. It is important for the success of your portrait that certain styles and colors of clothing be used while avoiding other styles and colors.


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