In TO the Sunset | 30" x 40" | Acrylic on Canvas

Shaina Hardie Art

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  • n TO the Sunset was created with a colour palette to bring energy into your home or office. Highly saturated blues, yellows and oranges mimic a vibrant sunset and allow the dark hues of the skyline to truly pop. This piece is sure to stand out and draw its viewers in.In TO the Sunset measures 30"h x 40"w x 1.5"d. Acrylic on canvas.Shaina takes great pride in her work and invests in high-quality materials to ensure that, with proper care, your investment will last for many years. Although this piece has been varnished with a UVLS (ultraviolet light stabilizers) protecting coat, it is never recommended to place artwork in direct sunlight.
  • All of Shaina's original paintings come signed, varnished, and ready to hand with proper D-hooks and wire. Each piece has been numbered and catalogued appropriately. A Certificate of Authenticity is provided to protect your investment.

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