Island Mint Essential Oil Blend  15ml

Island Mint Essential Oil Blend 15ml


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Product Description

Island Mint combines the classic summertime duo of Lemon and Lime essential oils with refreshing Peppermint and a unique depth of Spruce to create a beautifully balanced aroma that’s reminiscent of a summer getaway. Diffuse in your house, car, or office to transform any space into a scented oasis or use as an air freshener to target specific areas around your home. You’ll never know a dull moment when the scent of Island Mint is in the air.


  • Diffuse in the home for an island-like escape indoors.
  • Use with a bathroom reed diffuser for a refreshing, decorative touch.
  • Add to a car diffuser for a sea-breeze aroma while driving.
  • Mix with water and spritz as a citrus-mint air freshener

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