Italian Reticella Lace Tablecloth

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Product Description

Italian Reticella Lace consists of Cutwork and drawnwork embroidery, hand made with a needle pulling thread. Buttonhole Embroidery & Drawn or withdrawn Thread Embroidery are techniques combined on a fabric foundation. This foundation pf the embroidered sections is then cut away, forming a Lacey Reticella, which is Italian for “little net”. Imagine! Marvel at this incredible opportunity to own a piece of Art, a piece of History, a heritage of European creativity at its best.


• 100% Pure Linen fabric, imported from Ireland.
• Vintage Ecru colour.
• Warm White colour.
• Hand stitched and hand embroidered.
• Oblong size : 66”×85″ for tablecloth
• Napkin size : 17”x17” sold separately per one piece.
• Measurements are approximate solely for identification.
• Precise measurements can be available upon request.
• Dry clean.

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