Jade Rose Gold Facial Roller

Jade Rose Gold Facial Roller


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Using the gorgeous Island Jade Roller for lymphatic massage comes from a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice that every skincare ritual can benefit from. She helps get rid of nasties and can invigorate blood circulation to give the appearance of refined pores, a youthful finish, and a reduction in puffiness. When used with serums and facial oils, she helps improve product absorption, delivering nutrients and increasing skin benefits.

Hand-polished 100% grade-A Jade Gemstone, rare Rose Gold colored hardware that is tarnish resistant, and a single cast design engineered for durability are used in the making of each Island Jade Roller, as well as different roller sizes for versatility and effectiveness. As one of the most beautifying healing stones, Jade is known to soothe tension and stress, ease anxiety, and balance 'chi'—all of which contribute to having happy skin

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