JR Watkins - Liquid Hand Soap - Lavender (325mL)

JR Watkins - Liquid Hand Soap - Lavender (325mL)

The Cat’s Meow

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Formulated with natural ingredients, this hard-working soap is gentle on hands. Enjoy Watkins’ premium fragrances and packaging as you create a soothing lather of suds. Rinse them away for exceptionally clean and smooth hands.
(11 fl oz/325 mL)

Traditional Uses

This chemical-free clean let’s you feel good about your kids eating
off the floor...or counters, sinks, windows, tubs and tile. And you
know they will.

Some cleaners knock out germs with a punch strong enough to defeat your family, too. Our cleaners take a kinder, gentler approach so your family can stand victorious in the winner’s circle.

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