kFIT Home Exercise System with Bar

kFIT Home Exercise System with Bar


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  • Lay exercise fears aside with the kFIT Home Exercise System and boost confidence as you master exercise form, techniques; while gradually increasing your reps and resistance. This system provides the same muscle activity as weights while activating the core and reducing the chance of injury.

    The kFIT Home Exercise System provides 150lbs stackable resistance with its five premium quality resistance bands of 10/20/30/40/50 lbs with heavy duty carabiniers for quick movement between exercises and secured fastening to the:

    • 1 pair of ankle straps for leg isolation exercises (leg curls, leg extensions, glute kickbacks
    • 2 pairs of handles for upper body exercises (bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder press, rows) including a pair of TPE arc handles designed to fit perfectly in your hands and to last for years.
    • 1 Door Anchor for added exercise variations.
    • 1 Fit Bar (optional) - Train Smarter: Train your whole body and sculpt each muscle with this Exercise Bar for combination exercises (squats, deadlifts, good mornings). 

    This Home Exercise System provides an effective and affordable way to get a full body workout stimulating muscle  development, conditioning and growth as it is designed to target all of your muscles through a full range of motion for increased strength and toning, without any machines or special equipment.

    Easily disassemble and store in the drawer when not in use or slip it into the luggage when travelling.

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