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Kickstart  exercise routines with kFIT Kettlebell Bundle; designed to grow and go with you so you never miss a workout.

  • Adjustable Kettlebell for total body conditioning features 4 weight adjustments: 5, 8, 9 and 12 pounds and takes up 75% LESS space in the home than similar products, it also functions as a push up bar and weight plates for added versatility
  • The non-slip Fabric "Booty" Band provides added resistance for the legs and aids in maintaining form and technique to maximize workout efficiency while strengthen and sculpting the lower body.
  • Core sliding discs though small in size strengthens and sculpts the abdominals while conditioning muscles and enhancing posture.

This bundle allows for new, exciting  and never ending challenges to keep the body, mind and soul engage and motivated to exercise.

Bonus: Travelling for work/vacation or heading out to the park/beach with the family? Pack the booty band and core sliding discs to get in a routine while on the go.

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