Mondial 1908 - Straight Blade Razor #6

Mondial 1908 - Straight Blade Razor #6

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It's a PREMIUM product using recipes from 1908 so basically it's an organic product.


These are Mondial 1908 made in Italy with blades made in Germany

Our story begins in 1908 with a great passion fostered by our founder and forefather for shaving and for personal care. In that nascent period, in his small artisan workshop in the centre of Florence, he started to produce his first masterpieces: his extraordinary shaving brushes, made entirely by hand with great skill and precision, and increasingly refining his technique with an ever greater knowledge of his materials. Following his brushes, he then started to work with precious woods to create some extraordinary razors. His abilities started to become known the world over, so much so that prestigious names abroad would commission him to design some magnificent shaving sets for them.


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