Naipo Steam Foot Spa

Naipo Steam Foot Spa

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Innovative steam spa: Advanced steam technology provides you with a warm steam spa experience. The skin on the feet will not wrinkle due to soaking in water, providing first-class sauna care for your feet, warming your feet, and caring for your feet.

Intelligent and easy control: One-button operation, fast reaction heating in 3 minutes, and the steam temperature of L/M/H level can be adjusted according to your resistance. Choose 10/20 minutes to automatically turn off and enjoy a comfortable steam spa timed service.

More water-saving and faster: Compared with the traditional foot bath, it saves more water (only about 160 ml), and you can enjoy the foot bath SPA for about 20 minutes. Drawer-type water collection box, which can be removed with one touch, is convenient for adding water.

Removable rollers and pedals: Equipped with the most advanced ergonomic pedals, which fit seamlessly with the curve of the foot. The 4 rows of Shiatsu massage rollers (non-electric) precisely stimulate your sole pressure points, and the steam spa will provide you with a comfortable massage at the same time.

Subvert the tradition: The bottom of the steam bath massager is equipped with a power cord storage design, which is suitable for household use, saves space, and does not tangle. Intimate care for the feet of the whole family, the perfect gift for taking care of the family's happiness

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