Pebble Art -Leaving my Heart in Venice

Pebble Art -Leaving my Heart in Venice

Shaped by my Journey

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framed as shown - with glass

9" x 11"

Like you and me, these stones were formed through their own personal journeys. Their scars, fossils, and markings bear witness to their wonderful lives. Creating natural art with pebbles is a unique artisanal journey that begins with hand-picking unique stones and fossils from the Great Lakes without altering them in any way to preserve their natural beauty. Driftwood and sea glass add texture and depth to the artwork. Crafting artwork by hand is very time-consuming and requires a lot of patience as I might sift through 500 to 1000 pebbles until I find the right one and create an emotional connection with the rest, but the end result is a unique piece of art, full of emotion and authenticity. Whether for home decoration or as a gift, nature art created with pebbles is a beautiful and meaningful way to incorporate nature into our everyday lives. Customized orders are welcome.

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