Petit Point hand stitched Pillows

Petit Point hand stitched Pillows

Eastern Sunrise Lace and Linens Inc

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Product Description

Condition: New

Wool Petit Point hand stitched Needlepoint Mallard Ducks gliding on a pond

The pair of Mallard Ducks are expertly hand stitched in fine petit point. An incredible 576 stitches.

It is all in Attention to details. Note the feathers of both male drake and female. Petit point best illustrates the varying shades of grey and white, even the lighting effect on the green head. Reflection on the water is another feature of artistic expression. Even the cattail and the foliage in the background receives due attention.

Suggestion for Father’s Day Gift. Unusual. Elegant.

• Made of 100% Wool yarn.
• Yarn dyed for colour fast.
• Velveteen cotton backing: Brownstone.
• Zipper closure hidden mid way.
• Square Size : 12″x12″
• Cover only.
• Spot clean or Dry clean

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