Pond Conditioner Fall & Winter (4L)

Pond Conditioner Fall & Winter (4L)

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Product Description

Like all things seasonal, ponds and pond life beings to slow as the colder weather sets in.

Beneficial bacteria and enzymes applied in the spring or summer start to diminish in number and slow their reproduction rate.

To keep your pond healthy and productive all year nourish it with Nature’s Pond Conditioner Fall/Winter Edition early in the fall before winter freeze up.

This special blend of naturally occurring organisms and plant extracts is formulated with a preservative that adds to the longevity and productivity of the bacteria and enzymes through colder weather conditions. It enables the microbes to keep consuming and cleaning the debris, run off and decaying matter in your pond through the winter months.

Benefits of Nature’s Pond Conditioner – Fall/Winter Edition

  • A natural and organic way to care for your pond
  • Provides a healthy habitat for all living things throughout the winter months
  • Continuously Consumes debris, decaying matter and pond muck through the colder months
  • Provides clean water year round
  • Reduces foul odors and off-gassing in the spring
  • Gives your pond a healthy start to the beginning of the year
  • It’s easy, safe and effective


Recommended Quantities Per Acre
1 Quart / 1 Litre Treats a 50×50′ pond or 2500 sq ft
1 Gallon / 4 Litres Treats a 1/4 acre pond or 10,890 sq ft
5 Gallons / 20 Litres Treats a 1 – 1.5 Acre pond

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