ProprioSox Class 1 Medical Grade, 20-30 mmHg, Anklet, Black - Large


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Product Description

Guidelines for Putting on ProprioSox

1) Roll up the sock and insert toes into the rolled up sock.
Unroll sock onto the foot, centering the woven
Proprioband mid arch.
2) Continue unrolling over the heel using your thumbsto
center your heel in the heel cup.
3) Continue unrolling up the leg.
NOTE: DO NOT pull on the sock from the top as you risk
damaging the product due to the elasticity of thematerial.

Guidelines for cleaning your ProprioSox
Machine wash with cold water. (NO Wool-Lite or bleach)
Hang to dry or Tumble dry, no heat, to help maintain
elasticity and quality of fabric.
Use of a garment bag is suggested to reduce ‘lint balls’
from collecting at the bottom of the socks.
Washing often is highly recommended as dirt and body
oils can negatively affect the sock compression profile.

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